Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All things must end

It is with a little sadness that I write this post. This is, I believe, the last post for the Phenomenological Visions blog. I started this blog 8 years ago more as a personal online journal and it has morphed into something else, something more public. That's great but while the name Phenomenological Visions meant something to me back in college it isn't as meaningful to me now and it is utterly unmemorable let alone spellable or pronounceable to most people.

All hope is not lost though. I already have a new blog. From now on I will be blogging on my new blog, The Twin Cities Naturalist. This is the companion blog to the podcast I hope to start producing shortly, The Twin Cities Naturalist Podcast.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog. I hope you enjoy my new blog even more. If nothing else, the name is a whole lot easier to remember! See you on the new site.


1 comment:

Kirk said...

Since you will no longer be updating from this blog, do you think it's at all possible to give up your URL to someone who can use it? I'm looking to start a blog with an easy to remember name (easier to remember than the one I have now, at least), and if I could have your out-of-service URL (kirk.blogspot.com), that would be great. Thanks.