Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Musing at Hegman

I was in Ely this president's day weekend. Chelsey and I met up with some friends to rent a cabin and go cross country skiing. The first day we went into Hegman lake and saw the pictographs.

We had a lot of fun guessing what they mean. The main debate in our group seemed to be whether it was someone bragging about a moose they saw or whether it was a bored person doing a drawing. I guess we'll never know.

The next night we found wolf tracks outside the sauna. If I had looked out the sauna window I would have seen a big wolf from about six feet away. Unfortunately I was choking on smoke as I was trying to get some really bad wood to light in the stove.

Oh well. It was a beautiful trip.


Friday, February 18, 2005

Birds and a Dead Virus

Today as I took out the trash I was greeted from the trees by a familiar call. I peered up to the top of a defoliated maple and spotted the muted winter colors of the cardinal. It seemed so out of place. I know they stay here all winter long but they do a good job of staying hidden. This morning, in the four degree weather, this cardinal was singing a hopeful spring song.

I wish I could be so cheerful. I got my flu shot yesterday in preparation for a late winter vacation and my body is not so happy about it. The flu virus they use is dead but my body hasn't caught on yet. I know that is the idea. The body reacts to the non-threat by making the appropriate antibodies. Thing is, my body is taking things a little too far. It has gone to defcon 2. It is 70 degrees in my office but I have the chills as a slight fever is creeping into my body. My muscles also have the dull ache of the early stages of the flu. It isn't supposed to go any further than this. Hopefully by the end of the day my body will wise up and ease off.

Bleh. I feel like l've been flogged with a wet noodle.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

First of 05

I haven't posted here in over two years! I've been busy working and writing. Plus the loss of the high speed connection at my old place of employment made it harder to get here.

I'm feeling good as I was just asked yesterday if I would like to write a regular column in the magazine The Interpreter. I've said yes so that should be a step in the right direction.

I just had a commnetary piece published by them in Volume 1, Issue 1. It is available here

I just sent off a feature length piece to the same magazine and last month I had a tasteful piece on scat published as well. Check it out.